ACORN CLASS: Reception, Year One and Year Two: Gallery

Dragon, by Mrs Nolan

Date: 3rd Aug 2016 @ 1:10pm


The story of Princess Poppy's quest for a dragon. Her villainous suitor, Arkamir, has killed the only dragon in the Kingdom of Freenia. As the local food chain falls into chaos without its top predator, Poppy sets off to find another dragon.

Arkamir tries to foil her quest by sending his incompetent servants, Rogil and Murk, in pursuit.

Along the way Poppy meets new friends - a Dragonologist, a Gatekeeper and a Wizard's apprentice. With the help of the mysterious Piper, Poppy escapes from the sinister Swampbeasts, outwits Arkamir, frees the dragon Firehawk from captivity and returns home triumphant.

Well done to our KS2 children who took part in the production of 'Dragon'

You all worked so hard and with such enthusiasm. We were  so proud of you and enjoyed it so much. A big thank you to you all.


Reception - Christmas 2015 Creations, by Mrs Tiernan

Date: 18th Dec 2015 @ 12:21pm

We have been busy in Reception making our finger and thumb print reindeer Christmas cards, footprint snowman calendars and our Santa hat baubles too.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!



Reception trip to The Ice Cream Farm 16th December 2015, by Mrs Tiernan

Date: 16th Dec 2015 @ 2:10pm

We all had a brilliant time at the Ice Cream Farm today.  The children explored the Fun Factory which was great for our physical development objectives, as they climbed, stepped up, stepped down, ran, rolled, crawled, in addition to managing personal space and body awareness at all times.  To cool down afterwards they all enjoyed an ice cream of their choice. 

What a fun day!   

Stay and Play - Thursday 3rd December 2015, by Mrs Tiernan

Date: 7th Dec 2015 @ 3:58pm

Thank you for attending stay and play! The children had a great time and were very excited.  The pictures speak for themselves! Everyone had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Infant Team.

Making apple juice!, by Mr Ramsden

Date: 17th Sep 2015 @ 10:17am

At Barrow School we have our own apple trees, one of them is a Bramley, the other we are not sure however produces lovely eating apples.

Mr and Mrs Morrison  came in  and we spent the afternoon working with the children through out the school.

The children  had the opportunity to make and taste apple juice straight off the tree. The apples were picked by the infant children then were roughly chopped up. The children took it in turns to wind the grinder until all of the apples were thoroughly minced. They were then put in an apple press.

Approximately 40 apples made one litre. The children all had the opportunity to taste the fresh apple juice.

The children were surprised about the colour which was much darker than shop bought apples plus how sweet it was without any added sugar.

 A huge thanks to Mr and Mrs Morrison who came in to work with the children. We try and give the children at Barrow as many first hand experiences as possible to enrich our curriculum. All of the children had a great afternoon.