Tim Peake York Uni Yr six.

Lesson: Science

Class: WILLOW CLASS: Year Three, Four, Five and Six Year: 2016 - 2017

British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake spent 6 months living and working onboard the International Space Station. 

The UK Space Agency decided to hold two conferences to celebrate the imaginative work linked to Tim Peake’s Principia mission that had been done by children across the UK.

These conferences took place at the University of Portsmouth (2 November 2016) and the University of York (5 November 2016).  We applied to attend the conferences and were subsequently invited to present our work at the York Conference.

With our amazing model of Tim Peake, we set off for York at 7am with Mr Ramsden driving the school minibus. We arrived in good time and set up our display before taking our seats in the main lecture hall.

Tim Peake delivered the keynote speech sharing stories from his time spent on the International Space Station. The children watched the ‘Destination Space Show’ which had scientists demonstrating scientific experiments about forces and gravity. We also had the opportunity to see and hear about what other schools had done.

The highlight of the day was meeting Tim personally. Everyone got to shake his hand and ask a few questions. We were back in Barrow by 5.15pm in time for Bonfire Night.

  A truly memorable day for us all.