Making apple juice!

At Barrow School we have our own apple trees, one of them is a Bramley, the other we are not sure however produces lovely eating apples.

Mr and Mrs Morrison  came in  and we spent the afternoon working with the children through out the school.

The children  had the opportunity to make and taste apple juice straight off the tree. The apples were picked by the infant children then were roughly chopped up. The children took it in turns to wind the grinder until all of the apples were thoroughly minced. They were then put in an apple press.

Approximately 40 apples made one litre. The children all had the opportunity to taste the fresh apple juice.

The children were surprised about the colour which was much darker than shop bought apples plus how sweet it was without any added sugar.

 A huge thanks to Mr and Mrs Morrison who came in to work with the children. We try and give the children at Barrow as many first hand experiences as possible to enrich our curriculum. All of the children had a great afternoon.