Date: 27th Mar 2018 @ 10:57am


We had fun this week creating our own hovercrafts using a CD, the top part of a plastic bottle, some bluetack and a balloon. We tried them out on different surfaces.

Hovercrafts are really interesting as they move on top of a layer of air. The layer of air reduces friction allowing the hovercraft to move quickly over both land and sea.

When two surfaces rub against each other, the force between them is friction. Friction can slow you down if you’re trying to move. Generally the rougher the surface the more friction there is. Real Hovercrafts use a powerful fan to pump air underneath them. Hovercrafts can travel over land and water as they move on top of a layer of air. Our balloon hovercraft reduces friction by blowing air from the balloon between the CD and the surface to hold them apart.

Why not have a go at home?