Creating rainbows and using light filters

Date: 31st Oct 2017 @ 5:48pm

We Created rainbows in class using CD s and a torch. It was  a fun way to help children understand why we see rainbows in the sky when the sun is shining after it has rained. We found out that white light is actually made of all the colours of the rainbow mixed together.

We then had a go at making periscopes. Some were more successful than others. A periscope is a device that enables us to see over walls or round corners. This is because rays of light hit the mirror of the periscope and are reflected twice. The beam of light is reflected through 90 degrees, because the mirrors are at 45 degrees to the path of the light ray.

In another lesson we experimented with filters: green,red and blue. A filter only allows certain colours of light to pass through. For example, a green filter only allows green light through and absorbs the other colours.So if you look at a green Tshirt through a red filter it will look black because there is no red light reflecting off the green T shirt, and the green light that is reflecting off it will be absorbed by the filter. We took some interesting photos of ourselves and views from the classroom using the different filters.