Year one and two: Blog items

Handwiting, by Mrs Strickland

Year 1 Measuring, by Mrs Strickland

Shape biscuits, by Mrs Strickland

Starting our topic, by Mrs Appelbe

KS1 Young Writers Competition, by Mrs Strickland

Moving up , by Mrs Appelbe

Talk for Writing, by Miss Montgomery

Louis Pasteur, by Mrs Appelbe

Fruit and Vegetables, by Mrs Appelbe

Planting beans, by Mrs Appelbe

Year 1/2 Grandad's Island, by Mrs Strickland

Year 1/2 Victorian Living, by Mrs Strickland

Fairtrade breakfast, by Mrs Appelbe

Year 1/2 Bog Babies, by Mrs Strickland

World Book Day, by Mrs Appelbe

Recycling materials, by Mrs Appelbe

Shrove Tuesday, by Miss Montgomery

Sorting materials, by Mrs Appelbe

Year 1/2 Baking Bread, by Mrs Strickland

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