Green team

Welcome to Green Team's page.  We meet most Thursdays after school from 3.15 - 4.00.

June 2017 Update

There has been lots of planting going on in the vegetable patches if you take a look you can see lettuce, tomato, beetroot, beans and herbs.  Look closely at the tall feathery-leaved Fennel plant and you will see that it is a home to lots of Ladybirds in various stages of their young life.

On Thursday 22nd June, we observed the wildlife in the pond area.  Take a look at the photographs below to see if you can spot the tadpoles and frogs...

May 2017 Update

On Thursday, 11th May Green Team had a fantastic day out at Abbeywood Gardens, near Delamere.  The sun shone all day, we looked at the flowers and garden design, had a talk from their Head Gardener, visited their vegetable garden, stroked the horses, drew our favourite flowers (there were lots of gorgeous flowers to choose from) and looked for Koi Carp in the pond - unfortunatelty there were no electric eels!  All the children were very well behaved and gave a fantastic impression of Barrow School both to the staff and visitors of Abbeywood Gardens that day.  Thank you Green Teamers!  

We have been enjoying gardening in the sunshine this month, planting seed packs that have been kindly donated to us by Waitrose.  Two weeks later, tiny shoots have started to appear and once the vegetables can be harvested Green Team can then sell them at Waitrose in Chester! 

We have updated our photographs to show our busy gardeners this month.


This year we have been very busy starting our allotment where we grow lots of vegetables - we have beans, mange tout, apsaragus, sweetcorn, onions, radish, peas, cauliflower and strawberries.  We have also planted some fruit bushes around the garden - blackberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries.

We have planted lots of beautiful flowers to make our school look welcoming and pretty.

The addition of the willow deer made by the whole school has inspired us to make a woven willow 'portal' into the woods and we will be decorating it this coming summer term.

Green Team has also been planting sweetcorn seeds to make our maize maze for the autumn - it will be fun to watch it grow and run inside when it's ready!

We have planted a lavender bed to harvest the lavender and put it in hessian bags for the Lions to play with at Chester Zoo, and when our sunflowers have grown, the seeds will be used to feed the Zoo Parrots.  We will also be making a dandelion bed for the Tortoise at the Zoo as they love to eat the leaves!  

Our pond area has been cleaned and there are goldfish, frogs, water snails and pond skaters for you to see - please remember that you must always be accompanied by a teacher if you visit the pond.

July 2016 Update

We have had a very busy year in the school garden and celebrated with some Green Team water games, an end of year party and a special visit to Chester Zoo.  While we were at the zoo we had a 'behind the scenes' talk from one of the Horticultural staff who showed us some interesting carnivorous plants and some of the food and flowers they were growing to feed the animals.  We came away with lots of inspiration for next September!  

We won three 1st prizes and three 3rd prizes at Barrow Rose Show, and we have also won a giant bulk bag of veg compost from Dandy's Top Soil - Thank you to all who voted for us!  Take a look at our latest photos.

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